Substance Abuse Prevention

Coalición para el Manejo y Prevención del Abuso de Sustancias (COMPASS)


Project Description: The coalition was founded in 2011. COMPASS services the municipality of Sabana Grande. The coalition was awarded a $125,000.00 Drug Free Communities Support Program FY 2014 grant by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The goal of this coalition is to reduce substance abuse (alcohol and marijuana) among youth in the municipality of Sabana Grande and, over time, among adults by addressing the factors in the community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.

Services:  Design and implementation of the process and outcome evaluation of the Coalition.  

Dissemination of evidence based practices to build capacity for implementing and enforcing local underage drinking prevention programs



Project Description: The Office of the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs  (OCAM, for its Spanish acronym) directed their funds from the Juvenile Office of Delinquency Prevention Federal agency- Enforcing Underagre Drinking Laws (EUDL) towards a partnership with CIES to create this funding stream as a strategy to strengthen the capacity of the state to enforce state laws prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors and to prevent the purchase or consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors. This will be accomplished through the promotion and enhancement of the evidence based practices (EBPs) digital database and the dissemination of EBPs. CIES’ collaboration with OCAM includes a team of researchers, evaluators and planners, with extensive experience working with EBPs, program design, development, evaluation, technical assistance, and capacity building. 

Current Services: In 2008, CIES launched the first EBPs digital database in Puerto Rico. This resource provides information regarding programs in several areas of prevention with scientific evidence. In 2013 the database was expanded to include 41 substance abuse prevention interventions at the individual/group level. Those interventions were included upon a review conducted by the Puerto Rico Evidence Based Workgroup of the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant-SAMHSA funding. The database is at . On first phase of the CIES/OCAM collaboration the EBPs digital database is being enhanced through the identification of substance abuse prevention interventions at the environmental level. On the second phase of the collaboration, stakeholders in several municipalities (Coamo, Salinas, Villalba and Orocovis) will participate in capacity building activities to get to know how to identify and select EBPs to address substance abuse prevention in their communities through the use of the EBPs digital database and other resources.  

Office of the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs

SAMHSA: Strategic Prevention Framework-State Incentive Grant

Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción (ASSMCA)


Project Description: The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention has created this funding stream as a strategy to develop prevention capacity, infrastructure and disseminate best practices in substance abuse prevention that have proven to be effective/efficacious.

Current Services: The DSC serves as the scientific partner of the SPF-SIG project in Puerto Rico. Collaborates within the Evidence Based Workgroup (EBW) , constitute the Capacity Building / Technical Assistance Team, staffs the Puerto Rico Epidemiological Workgroup (PREOW) and the Evaluation Team. The EBW provide guidance regarding the development of infrastructure to assist sub recipients in the implementation of policies, programs and practices that have been proven efficacious for the prevention of youth alcohol abuse. The Technical Assistance Team (TAT), under the direction of the EBW implements all training and TA for the PR SPF project both at the state and sub-recipient level. The PREOW serves as the surveillance unit which tracks all epidemiological data for the project. The Evaluation Team ensures the project meets all its goals and objectives and is effective.

PR SPF-SIG Subrecipients:

Jovenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo

Alianza para un Puerto Rico sin Drogas

Iniciativa Comunitaria

Boys & Girls Clubs


Fundacion Chana y Samuel Levis

NeoMed Center

Servicios de Extension Agricola-UPR

Hogares Teresa Toda

Programa de Adolescentes de Naranjito


Puerto Rico Strategic Prevention Plan (2010)

Consulta Juvenil

Office of Prevention and Mental Health Promotion of Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration

1990 - Present

Program Description: Island wide needs assessment and planning tool which tracks epidemiological indicators, including risk and protective factors, among Puerto Rican youth. Consulta was initiatied in 1990 and runs every two years.

Current Services: Currently CIES is implementing [Consulta IX].


El Uso de Substancias en los Escolares Puertorriqueños **new**

(Consulta 2010-2012) 

Synar Study

Office of Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration

2006 - 2013

Program Description: The Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration (ASSMCA, by its initials in Spanish) is the agency responsible for tobacco prevention control activities. Additionally, ASSMCA is the state agency designated by the government for oversight of the [Synar] requirements, including conducting random and unannounced Synar inspections, and submitting the Annual Synar Report to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)/Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) in order to comply with the reporting provisions of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300x-26) and the Tobacco Regulation for the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (45 CFR 96.130(e)).

Services: For the past five years CIES DCS has been collaborating with the evaluation of the Synar Project, with measures youth access to cigarettes in commercial establishments in Puerto Rico. The primary objective of this assessment is to establish a database that serves as the official source of information used to compile the Annual Synar Report. In addition, the scientific analysis of the collected data is useful to inform decision-making at the Office of Prevention and Mental Health Promotion of ASSMCA to help fulfill the strategic plan and to strengthen its existing tobacco prevention programs.

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