Monitoring & Evaluation for the Zika Contraception Access Network in Puerto Rico


The Zika Contraception Access Network (Z-CAN), is a collaborative project among the CDC, CDC Foundation, Puerto Rico Obstetrics & Gynecology (ProGyn), Total Solutions and DSC-CIES launched in April 2016, during the outbreak of Zika virus infection in Puerto Rico. Z-CAN was designed to develop a network of physicians at clinics across Puerto Rico who are trained to provide patient-centered contraceptive counseling and same-day access to the full range of FDA-approved, reversible contraceptive methods to women of reproductive age at no cost. The specific objectives of this project are to evaluate: 1) women’s perceived facilitators and barriers to accessing reversible contraceptive use in Puerto Rico, and contraceptive patterns and continuation rates, and pregnancy rates among Z-CAN patients; and 2) physician and clinic staff perceptions of how the Z-CAN program could better enhance patient access to contraception.

Current Services: DSC-CIES serves as the external process and outcome evaluation partner of the initiative. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the implementation of a program designed to increase access to reversible contraceptive methods among reproductive-aged women in Puerto Rico who desire to delay or avoid pregnancy.



PR Department of Health (PRDOH) Division of Maternal, Child, and Adolescents (PRMCH)


 PREP main purpose is to enhance the understanding of cultural values and their association with high-risk sexual behaviors among 12 to 14 year old youth, as well as to increase knowledge of HIV infection, self-efficacy, personal responsibility, safer parent-child communication skills, and healthy life skills among the participants. The program is being implemented thru a collaborative agreement among the Department of Health, as administrative Partner, the Center for Evaluation and Sociomedical Research, as scientific partner and United Ways, as implementation Partner.

Services: As scientific partner CIES leads: a) adaptation and implementation of ¡CUIDATE!, an effective evidence-based program scientifically proven to change high risk sexual behaviors of youth; b) adaptation and implementation of ¡CUIDALO!, a parent-child communication intervention program proven to improve parent-child communication; c) a community engagement strategy which utilizes PhotoVoice methodology; and d) Comprehensive Service Referrals. Specific services will consist of co-training, co-implementation, process adaptation, and evaluation of interventions.


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PR Department of Health (PRDOH) Division of Maternal, Child, and Adolescents (PRMCH)


The long term goal of this three year initiative is to delay initiation of sexual intercourse among 10 to 14 year old Puerto Rican adolescents in the high risk communities of the east coast. Through a collaborative agreement among the Department of Health, as the administrative partner, the Center for Evaluation and Sociomedical Research, as the scientific partner and United Ways, as the implementation partner. Evidence Based Programs to be implemented are Fundamentos de la Crianza (Community Counseling Centers of Chicago) and Project AIM (Dr. Lesli Clark, University of California, Los Angeles).

Services: Program Evaluation, Technical Assistance and Cultural Adaptation.

Fundamentos de la Crianza-Proyecto PECES

Collaborators:  Division of Community Services (DSC)-CIES