DSC works with clients throughout one or many of the program organization development and implementation. From the initial stages of program planning through data collection, continuos quality improvement, assessment, and reporting. We focus on collaboration, communication, and research best practices to improve program value for grant makers, gran seekers, and communities.



Provide training and technical assistance to public, private, and non-profit organizations interested in developing and improving their skills to provide effective and sustainable health programs.

Development of human in research and evaluation through training and technical assistance initiatives.




Inform and improve health program decision-making, public policy and ultimately health outcomes.

Identification and description of emerging public health issues.

Development and testing of conceptual frameworks and interventions model with practical applications to various public health issues.


We provide evaluation services using an integrative  evaluation framework that empowers our clients to make data driven decisions, enhances their competencies, and ultimately improves efficiency and effectiveness. Some of our services includes:

  • Fidelity evaluation
  • Process Evaluation
  • Outcome Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Impact Evaluation
  • 360 Evaluation
  • Need Assessments
  • Logic Model and Evaluation Plan
  • Surveys (online, paper/pencil)
  • Focus Group
  • Strategic Plans and Frameworks
  • Theory of Change
  • Organizational Development
  • Tracking System Process
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Process
  • Social Network Analysis

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Promotion of Evidence Based Practices

Training and technical assistance in selection, implementation, cultural adaptation of evidence based practices.

Dissemination of best practices in research and evaluation of public health issues.

Dissemination of best practice interventions that address public health issues.

To learn more about Evidence Based Practice please visit: http://archivopbe.info/


Development of tools for evaluation and research including: databases, epidemiological systems and web based evaluation platforms.

To see an example of our Epidemiological Systems please visit: http://observatoriopr.net/