The Division of Community Services has developed an innovative framework called the integrative evaluation approach. The integrative evaluation approach involves ongoing evaluation efforts with the intent of improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity across programs and organizations. 

This novel approach integrates organizational development theory, participatory evaluation, and continuous quality improvement. These elements have been key in the success of program development and implementation providing critical evaluation data and tracking information to the program/organization leadership and stakeholders.


Organizational Development Theory 

 Provides continuous capacity building to enhance effective management, address organizational change, and promote collaborative culture efforts.

Participatory Evaluation 

An approach in which stakeholders actively engages in developing the evaluation process and all stages of its implementation.

Continuous Quality Improvement

An essential component that incorporate structured organizational process for involving stakeholders into the strategic planning and execution to improve organizational performance, strengthen resources and increase client’s satisfaction.

Capacity Building Framework

Capacity building refers to the investment of people at a collective level and focuses on a developmental process that enhances or increases knowledge, skills, and understanding. The DSC has adopted a capacity building approach that share an ecological approach and theoretical perspective.

Our model includes the critical determinants posited by capacity building experts (Goodman, 1998; Chaskin, 2000; Wolff, 2001; Fawcett, 2006; and Wandersman 2007) and incorporates the following key components:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Partnership Development
  • Taking Action
  • Reflection 
  • Sustainability

The DSC Capacity Building Framework utilizes three main strategies: Assessment, Training and Technical Assistance to develop the capacity of the organizations.