DSC Partnership Approach

Over the last decade DSC-CIES’s partnerships approach has worked with great deal of success. The partnership approach has three main elements: a social investor, a scientific partner and an implementer. This partnership approach has greater effectiveness in capitalizing on expertise brought by every element or actor in the triad.


Social Investor

The Social Investor is the agency, organization or foundation that acts as a funder for a Project, Program or Initiative. It usually executes the fiscal and administrative functions of the Project. In some cases a combination of a federal and state agency could serve as the social investor.


The Implementer, is the agency or organization that executes the Project, Program or Initiative. Is the element in this triad that does the everyday work.  

Scientific Partner: Division of Community Services

The third element is the Scientific Partner. It works hand in hand with both, Social Investors and Implementers in all phases of the Project to increase the probability of success. Some of the roles of the Scientific Partner could include: applied research for a specific project; strategic planning and data driven decisions; capacity building; evidence based practice selection and adaptation; day to day technical assistance; programmatic advisory and/or; evaluation