Jóvenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo Inc.


The mentoring program Jóvenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo (JPRR) is designed to reduce risky behavior and increase socially accepted behavior in young people between the ages of 14-17 years. This is an example of a promising program aiming to become an evidence base practice (EBP) through rigorous evaluation.

Services: The CIES DSC is using a collaborative approach in order to design an effectiveness study that would advance the program to be an EBP. This approach establishes a shared commitment and ensures open communication between the scientific team and the JPRR staff. The results achieved collaboratively are the program logic model, a detailed evaluation plan, design of measuring instruments, and data collection. These efforts have taken [JPPR and the Cumbres project] to the level of a study of effectiveness. Through the university-community collaboration, it has been possible to advance the development of EBPs to meet the needs of the program and in turn of Puerto Rico.