Mental & Physical Health

Puerto Rico Asthma Project: Surveillance System

PR Department of Health (PRDOH)


Project Description: The Puerto Rico Asthma Project (PRAP) in the Puerto Rico Health Department goal is to reduce asthma morbidity and mortality in Puerto Rico. The PRAP have three main components which area the following: surveillance, partnerships, and interventions. The surveillance system collect, analyzes, and reports the asthma health indicators. The partnership component identifies and recruits new asthma partners. The intervention component implement interventions about the NAEP guidelines; self-management, and to increase knowledge in indoor air quality.

Current Services: The CIES will serve as external evaluator of the Puerto Rico Asthma Project. The overall goal of this proposal is to conduct a process evaluation of the Puerto Rico Asthma Surveillance System. This evaluation will focus on engaging the stakeholders to determine the evaluation questions and develop an evaluation plan for the PRAP surveillance component.



Project Description: The Carlos Albizu Universityruns two community mental health clinics in the San Juan and Miami Campus. These 2 clinics serve as laboratories to the students completing graduate studies in mental health. They also provide valuable services to community residents that are served in these training centers. The CAU contracted the CIES to conduct an evaluation of the mental health clinics.

Services: The CIES DSC served as external evaluator of the  mental health clinics and assessed: client profile, client satisfaction, partners/collaborators satisfaction, evaluation of service & training model and compliance with guideline and regulation of sponsoring and licensing bodies.

Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW)

PR Department of Health (PRDOH)

Division of Health Promotion


Project Description: The CPPW program (Comunidades Activas por la Prevención y Salud, in Spanish), considered a step to address the burden of chronic diseases related to obesity and lack of physical activity, was implemented from 2008 to 2012.  It had state level initiatives and 5 municipalities actively implementing the CPPW at the local government level. 

Services: The CIES DSC served as external evaluator (retrospective evaluation) of the CPPW program, assessed the readiness for sustainability of the participating municipalities and is currently implementing a capacity building program with the 2 highest ranking municipalities (Aibonito & Coamo). The end result of the capacity building program will be the completion of sustainability plans for the 2 selected municipalities.

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