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Programa Futuro

Alianza Municipal por la Educación



Project Description:  Futuro Program is an innovative extended learning program in Puerto Rico led by the Municipal Alliance for Education.  The Alliance was created in 2013 by the Mayors of the municipalities of  Cayey, Coamo, Luquillo, and Villalba, due to their conviction that a deep and meaningful transformation of their municipalities will only be achieved with the transformation of their schools.   Futuro Program is funded with Title IV 21st CCLC funds from the US Department of Education and will impact 1,050 students from 11 public schools in the participating municipalities.  The Program main objective is to support students in regular and special education tracks improve their academic performance through activities designed to reinforce and complement their academic program, and in turn provide their parents with activities to support the process of becoming active members of the educational development of their children.

Current Services:  In its role as Scientific Partner of the Municipal Alliance for Education, CIES  tasks involve the  development and implementation of all activities related to evaluation, technical assistance and capacity building of the program.  The CIES will play a key part in the implementation of the project and the development of programmatic work plans in order to ensure that fidelity and quality in the implementation of the program processes is achieved.  To that end, the information system will be designed to meet the specific needs of the project, and serves as a tool that enables the creation of reports and data profiles on the project and its participants (students and parents, resources, etc), as well as the impact achieved.  The CIES will also be the leader of the technical assistance component to ensure that all program resources understand the importance of adhering to the selected methodology, and the programmatic, evaluative, and administrative plans. 


Ciencia Boricua: Contextualizando la Ciencia Mediante la Lectura, Investigación y la Tecnología


Project Description: Ciencia Puerto Rico, (CienciaPR) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. CienciaPR is an initiative spearheaded by the Council for the Advancement of Puerto Rico Research and Innovation (CAPRI), a non-profit think-tank interested in promoting research and development in the Puerto Rican archipelago. CienciaPR most recent project “Ciencia Boricua: ensayos y anécdotas del científico puertorro” is a collection of essays and anecdotes about science, written for the general public. This project was piloted in two schools of Puerto Rico.

Services: Design and implementation of fidelity and process evaluation to demonstrate that [“Ciencia Boricua: Contextualizando la Ciencia Mediante la Investigación y la Tecnología”]implementation has been as planned targeting its intended population and fulfilling most of the established goals.

Evaluation Report

Evaluación Externa: "Ciencia Boricua: Contextualizando la Ciencia Mediante la Investigación y la Tecnologia" 


Proyecto Ciencia Boricua celebro su noche de logros

Suplementado el curriculo de ciencias con contenido contextual y culturalmente relevante: lecciones de la implementación del proyecto Ciencia Boricua

Impact of Culturally Relevant Contextualized Activities on Elementary and Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Science: An Exploratory Study

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