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Evaluation Practices for Cultural Adaptation and Operationalization of Translational Research

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has made translational research a priority. The Puerto Rico Clinical and Translational Research Consortium (PRCTRC) was established to advance translation of knowledge and to impact health disparities. The translational research evaluation is critical to measure the research investment and explore the impact of biomedical research for medical practices and population health. This study describes evaluative methodologies used for cultural adaptation and operationalization of PRCTRC translational research, and assess how PRCTRC supported research is translating through research continuum. A comprehensive literature review was conducted, followed by roundtable meetings of a transdisciplinary panel for cultural adaptation, operationalization, and validation of translational research. Testing was performed to estimate the reliability of the transdisciplinary experts' scores. A total of 344 studies were evaluated. This study promotes exemplary evaluation practices to strengths translational definitions and to assess the evolution of translational research with the aim of improving population health.