Capacity Building

Iniciativas de Investigación y Actividad Creativa Subgraduada (iINAS) Project


Project Description: This project was funded under the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HIS) Programs, authorized under Title V, Part A, of the Higher Education Act  as well as the HSI Program originally authorized by the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 - HSI STEM and Articulation Programs.The main focus of these initiatives is to expand the UPR-Río Piedras Campus capacity in creating a sustainable research-based academic culture by engaging undergraduate faculty and students in research activity on fields other than the natural sciences.

Service Description: Process and outcome evaluation of the iINAS project. CIES will also serve as the planning consultant to design and facilitate the iINAS 2014-2015 institutionalization plan.



Project Description: CIES will assist United Way in assessing stages of readiness, asset and resource levels, and organizational capability of all allied organizations. A three-stage process of the collaboration is to be implemented. First stage, CIES staff will develop assessment activities in order to measure capacity, readiness and willingness. These include: document review, design interview questionnaires, perform group interviews or discussions meetings, data management, (e.g. data collection, data entry and data analysis), reporting and dissemination. The sum of all theses activities will help identify and classify allied organizations for training and technical assistance phase. All allied organizations will participate in this phase.  During second phase, CIES staff will coordinate activities for the development of metrics and announcement (e.g. RFA).  These activities include recruitment of a review panel (e.g. one senior member of UWPR, one CIES staff, one board member, one staff member and one agency representative), meeting coordination, consultation in the development metrics and RFA, and monitor RFA review process. 

Current Services:  The CIES DSC serves as external evaluator (retrospective and prospective evaluation) for the planning of the Community Impact Initiative.  Phase one consists of reviewing documents, interviews with stakeholders and community forums with affiliated organizations. 

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